Workshops are available on the following topics


NGO Management

Basic principles relating to mission, vision, goals, strategic planning, leadership and management structure

Financial Planning for NGOs

How to budget, prioritize expenses, cut costs, plan for your fundraising needs

Legal Literacy for NGOs

Overview of key legal themes affecting NGOs in Greece, including the legal characteristics of various non-profit forms, staff and volunteer contracts, insurance and liability

Human Resource and Volunteer Management

Best practices on how to manage your most valuable assets

Communications Strategy

How to raise awareness on your cause and build engagement with your supporters

Transparency & Accountability

How to improve transparency and accountability, ultimately leading to greater support for your organization

Writing Compelling Proposals

Tips for preparing effective funding proposals in order to raise funds successfully from institutional sources

Creative Fundraising

Creative ideas for diversifying your funding base and boosting your financial sustainability

Project Management & Impact Evaluation

Taking a project from theory to practice and measuring its impact for communication and reporting purposes as well as for internal assessment

How to Give Effectively

This workshop is aimed at making you a more conscious, focused, informed, and thus effective donor

To register your interest in one or more of our workshops please communicate clearly their titles in this form and we will let you know when the next one is coming up.