THEMELIA aims to empower non-profit organizations and donors to make a lasting positive impact on society.


Our vision is that of an effective and sustainable civil society, based on the values of democracy, justice, respect and collaboration.


We believe the non-profit sector should meet its full potential in terms of effectiveness and sustainability, and that it should have access to targeted support in order to facilitate this. We also believe that charitable giving should be conscious and educated in order to yield the maximum benefit for society.


Social engagement is growing in Greece, and there are many worthy non-profit and voluntary initiatives. However, many are comparatively limited in terms of impact and sustainability. This limits their ability to achieve their own goals, whether these are to do with helping children, the unemployed, the homeless, the environment, culture, animals or other. To date there has been a lack of technical assistance organizations to provide ongoing support to organizations and their donors. THEMELIA aims to fill this gap.

Between 2011 and 2014 members of THEMELIA’s team have consulted a wide range of NGOs, individual and institutional donors and other stakeholders regarding current civil society capacity building initiatives and needs in Greece.

Some of the key findings of this consultation process are that:

  • The lack of a specialist capacity building provider means that organizations do not have access to a permanent source of advice and information
  • There is a lack of customized capacity building activities
  • There is a particular need for NGO training that goes beyond that related to project planning and management
  • There are still limited opportunities for networking and peer-to-peer sharing of best practice between NGOs
  • A lack of transparency, sustainability, impact measurement and professionalism among non-profit organizations are the main reasons that avert donors from giving
  • Lack of time or experience in seeking effective organizations may inhibit a potential donor from offering their resources to civil society

By building the capacity of non-profit organizations and educating donors in effective giving we aim to create the foundations for an effective and sustainable civil society. This is an ongoing process, and we aim to be responsive to the evolving needs of the sector.

THEMELIA is a registered non-profit organization.